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Tuck pointing is the process of repairing the mortar between bricks in masonry walls when it has begun to deteriorate. Once it is determined that tuck pointing is the right solution for your masonry repairs, the old mortar is ground down or removed to a certain depth, then new mortar is added to fill in the spaces. Tuck pointing sounds like a straightforward process, but it is quite labour-intensive and should only be performed by professionals.

Here at Walter Townshend & Sons, we have been involved with mortar repair for generations, and that experience will save you money if you require tuck pointing on your home.

Do I Need Tuck Pointing?

Here’s a quick and easy test to figure out if your home is in need of tuck pointing. Get yourself a standard metal key and run it along the mortar joint between bricks. If it scratches off in a powder then you may require some tuck pointing. Of course, things like crumbling mortar or being able to stick a screwdriver or knife right in between the bricks and have it stay in place are obvious signs that a call for some expert mortar repair should be on the agenda.

Reasons for Tuck Pointing

Tuck pointing isn’t just about the aesthetics of your walls or chimney. It does make the masonry look nice, but it also helps to keep moisture away and maintain the strength and integrity of your walls. Moisture will break down those brick walls and will ultimately end up costing you as the homeowner a lot of money.

Once the bricks or stones become loose within the walls you’re looking at having to tear down the whole thing and relay it all over again. Taking action with mortar repair in the early stages will keep the masonry strong and prevent major repairs in the future.
If your walls show signs of weakened mortar, don’t hesitate to call and make an appointment for a free estimate today!


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